Cryolophosaurus Costume(#GG-1237)

Sound:                    Dinosaur roaring and breathing sound

Main Materials:    Stainless steel, foam, silicone. ( the dinosaur's skin can be customized with 

                                 special thick cloth)

Size:                        Usually it is 4 to 5 meters in length, 1.8 meters to 2.2 meters in height.(Suitable

                                 for 1.6m to 2m Performer)

Overall Weight:     18 kg ~ 25 kg (due to the reasonable power distribution and balance, you 

                                 don't feel very heavy).

Color:                      Any color is available

Usage:                    Attraction and promotion. (amusement park, theme park, museum, playground, 

                                 city plaza, shopping mall and other indoor/outdoor venues.)

Certificate:             CE,ISO,BV,UL,TUV,SGS

Products Information

Movements: Open mouths roar, around the head up and down movement, when you move the tail would wag,

you can also control it eyes to blink; When walking or running, it depends entirely on human legs, so it is very

flexible, and you won't have too much restrictive.

Accessories: Fan(The costume equipped with a cooling fan,it can make the performer feel cool),Chargers

(for recharging the clothes inside electronic systems), the necessary maintenance materials (such as the

repair of silicone skin, repair the color oil paints).Other accessories used for auxiliary performance.All material

and accessory suppliers had checked by our purchasing department. They all have corresponding certificate, 

such as CE, UL, ISO9001:2008, and reached environmental protecting standard. 

Lead-time: Within 20 days or depends on order quantity

Certificate: CE,ISO,BV,UL,TUV,SGS

Usage: attraction and promotion. (amusement park, theme park, museum, playground, city plaza, shopping

mall and other indoor/outdoor venues.)

In Stock:  We keep more than 20 sets dinosaurs in stock for choice.

Packing: Flight case,bubble bags protect dinosaurs from damaging. PP film fix the bubble bags. Each dinosaur

will be packed carefully and focus on protecting eyes and mouth.

Shipping: Shenzhen, Chongqing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Guangzhou,etc. We accept land, air, sea transport and

international multimodal transport.  

Clearance:  We are the first and most professional dinosaur export factory. We have experience of  Europe,

South Africa, East and South Asia,  Australia, North America, South America, and so on. Main countries include

Canada, the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Philippines, Australia, Russia, Thailand, the UAE, Poland,

Spain, Germany, Croatia, etc.

On-site Installation:  We will send engineers to customer's place to install dinosaurs.

  • Dustin Cartie, Canadian:

    Looking for price on t rex skull



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    Hallo what is the Price For 1 Unit  4 Units of walking Dinosaur costume imclude shipping to Germany. 
    To reach the coasts shipping to 76661 Philippsburg-Germany 
    CEO Hermann



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    Hi I would like to hire your dinosaur with guns on it for a party - how much would that cost?



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    Am  chennai(india). We are planning to have on our children park. Please provide me the price  the delivery details.



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  • Shamara, American:

    My son&aposs 6th birthday is July 12. Looking for a realistic costume for his dino warter party



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    Hi! What is the price of this velociraptor costume, please. Cheers



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    How do u buy one



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    How much are they



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    I&aposm curious of the cost of a #GG-2033 Spinosaurusus  how tall is the max for wearing it??
    Thanks, Russ Johnson



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