Arizona Indoor Exhibition Started

Last November, Gengu animatronic dinosaurs were completed all the installations and settings in Arizona. The dinosaur costumes and dinosaur rides were also arrived in time. Recently this indoor exhibition held a grand opening ceremony and even attracted some media reporters. 

Let's take a look at this exhibition: enter this great indoor exhibition, you will find many animatronic dinosaurs here, they looks lifelike, and many parts of those animatronic dinosaurs are movable and do some fixed actions. When a animatronic dinosaur is roaring in front of your face, you will feel you are in a real Jurassic Park. Through different jungle trails, you will find many surprises! You can ride on some Dinosaurs Rides; And you can find lots of small fiberglass dinosaur eggs or enter a huge dinosaur egg to hide from a T-rex; Or some staffs are wearing dinosaur costumes chasing you now! In a special venue, many slidable Dinosaur Rides are ready for your children; And you can find dinosaur fossils in the sand area; At end of the touring, there are many beautiful dinosaur souvenirs in the Gift Shop, like dinosaur baby, dinosaur theme clothes, dinosaur puzzle and so on.

Hope this exhibition will bring infinitely joy to dinosaur lovers and families!

  • Michael, Usa:

    Where do I order?



      Our professional salesman will contact you soon with pricing list to be sent your mailbox.

  • Mirza, The Netherls:

    What is the price of the costume?



      Thanks for your inquiry. Our salesman will send you the details soon. Please notice your mailbox.

  • Melanie La Rocca, Australia:

    Hi, Just enquiring on a price for this costume, approximately 1.8m high  4m in length. Please also include shipping cost to Brisbane, Australia.
    Thank you



      We would like to be in touch with you for quotation and further information via business email. Please note to check.

  • Naim Kozhani, Kosovar:


    Interested in starting a new complete project here my ry. What I need is a whole layout of a Jurassic park/world type project utilizing your products?

    Would you be able to help?




      Hi,Naim! We'd like to send you our full catalogue of animatronic dinosaurs with different types and sizes. there are more than 150 dinosaurs for your selection. and the sizes can be custom-made to meet your needs and requirements. Please note to check your mailbox.

  • David Strubin, Canada:

    Hi I would like to receive a quote for your animated costumes that we can wear  walk with. Thank you.



      Thanks for your inquiry, we have sent you the details to your mailbox, please note to check.

  • Anna Kuc, Anna Kuc:

    Hi how much is the coustium to let for 1 hour?



      OK! We'll email dinosaur costume cost. All details also be included.

  • Deven, United States:

    I would like pricing on velociraptor costumes



      OK, The price list will be offered by email later, please note to check!

  • Brian, South Africa:

    Hi i would like to know what the prices is for the velociraptor  shipping price as wel could you guys ship to South Africa



      Good day, our sales will contact you via business email as soon as possible.

  • John, Canadian:

    Hi there!

    Just wondering how much a velociraptor costume would cost with Shipping to Toronto Canada.

    I just inquiring because I think the animatronic raptor costumes are awesome!



      Thanks for your inquiry! Our sales will contact you via business email and send you all the details.

  • SCI KAM, francais:

    good morning
    please could I have a price for a talking tree  a fix dinosaur  details of the way to make it working.
    Thank you for your reply



      Our sales will contact you soon with pricing list to be sent your mailbox.

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